By focusing on strategy, our goal is to help you keep more of what you earn and optimize the wealth that you have accumulated.

Comprehensive Financial Planning:

Whether it is saving for the future, enhancing your lifestyle or managing your debt, we can help you to prioritize competing objectives and get you to a place of financial stability and  confidence in the decisions that you make.

Retirement Planning:

Preparing for retirement can be exciting as well as unnerving – as you prepare for a time when your income will stop but your expenses will not. Work with Monique to create a retirement plan to help you create a sustainable retirement lifestyle.

Investment Planning:

Most Canadians find investing to be intimidating. With Monique’s guidance, you can feel more confident in working with your financial advisor and know that you are making decisions that will get you closer to your goals.


A neutral voice in a tumultuous time.

Early Divorce:

Digging your heels in to maintain assets that will be difficult to afford costs time, valuable emotional energy and thousands in legal fees. Invite Monique and her specialized training into your divorce negotiations so that you can better understand the standard of living that you can support after divorce.

Draft Settlements:

Having Monique review a negotiated settlement may help you to feel more confident about the financial future that is laid out in the agreement. Monique can help you to project the income upon which you will rely and help you to make better decisions for your financial stability post-divorce.